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Application Examples

06 – LED-Perimeter Systems

Use LED perimeter displays with videos, play lists, texts, and scrolling text – all at the press of a button.
to the LED perimeter example

Why programming examples?

Liconcomp doesn't have a user interface of its own. Liconcomp can only be remote-controlled by other programs.


The requirements of our customers are extremely varied.

For example, if you need a digital signage application that displays the soup of the day when the outside temperature is lower than 15 °C, but shows today's ice cream selection when it's hotter out, you won't get very far with the user interface for the scoreboard display of the local sports team.

Liconcomp can make both groups of customers happy – by providing different user interfaces. Any programmer with .NET skills can easily do this. We provide free examples of this kind of program. Of course, you can use the examples yourself. And your programmers can easily change them, add additional functions, or redesign the user interface entirely. However, please understand that we can't provide free support for this free service (except on the customer forum). We also cannot provide any guarantee that the examples will function properly.